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What makes our firewood "Seasoned and Gourmet"

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Our 4 step Seasoned Gourmet process:

Step 1: We harvest trees that are either intrusive or are potentially harmful to structures. We clear areas for Commercial developers and Home builders. We do our darnedest to cause the least amount of impact possible.

We also subscribe to "Harvest a tree Plant a tree"

Step 2: Our firewood is split into a uniform 13" or 16" pieces your Choice.

Our wood chipped from this process is also bagged or piled or made into Mulch for repurposing.

Step 3: We stack the cut split pieces in racks "5'5"x3'x16" off the ground on rails and covered to allow a proper curing process of the firewood.

The rails prevent the firewood from ground moisture that causes Mold - Mildew -Disease.

Covered in the Fall our firewood is not hampered by Winter Ice-Snow -Spring and Summer Rains.

Step 4: Depending on the density and type of firewood. These stacks dry for a MINIMUM of (1) year to insure your selection is seasoned to perfection. We use calibrated moisture meters to insure the best quality firewood possible!



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